About Us


Elluxor Lash aims to provide only the best quality products and trainings for lash artists around the world. We understand the power that investing into quality tools and education can do for artists everywhere which is why we created a brand you can always depend on. Lash extensions are a luxury service and we are a luxury brand. Your experience with us and the quality of we have to offer will always be our top priority.

Meet the Founder

Yanna Andal founded Elluxor Lash in 2021, previously known as Elite Lash SJ (est. 2019). She is a licensed Esthetician and has been in the lash industry since 2017. With 9 certifications from various artists and brands from around the nation, she continues to expand her knowledge about the industry in order to continually improve Elluxor Lash.


In the past 3 years of educating hundreds of artists from all over the US, Yanna has been able to develop her courses extensively to ensure all artists leave knowing exactly what it takes to succeed and be the best in the industry. All our courses are intense, detailed, hands-on, and include only the best quality tools to succeed.


Yanna only believes in creating diverse and consistent quality tools that all lash artists can use. She continues to work on improving our products, courses, and brand to ensure your experience with us will always be a memorable one.

Our Promise

We are perfectionists, and we like to think that perfectionists make the best artists. We don't believe in settling and being comfortable and this is exactly why we promise to always continue to find ways to improve your experience with us.


We educate artists how to become the best at what they do and what it takes to get there and our products are created with detail, precision, and constant testing. It shouldn't be hard to find access to elite education and tools and we are here to provide that.


Our goal is to continue to grow, improve, and perfect everything that we have to offer. Customer experience is also our number one priority so don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.