The Art of Styling: Mapping E Book


You’ll learn all my mapping & styling tricks and the following:

  • 40+ lash maps 
  • mappings of my most popular sets on Instagram (pictures included)
  • lash Gallery (includes the exact lash lines, curls/diameters/lengths I used to create certain sets)
  • analyzing eye shapes to create suitable mapping for each client
  • how to achieve uniform, textured, strip lash, and wet lash looks
  • how I mix curls
  • how to market new mapping styles to current and/or new clients
  • visual charts to help you understand mapping, curls, and client recommendations
  • BONUS: mapping record sheets

Customer Reviews

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Great for beginner lash techs too!

I bought this E-book to help me get a better understanding of lash mapping as a beginner lash tech and can honestly say that it is very helpful and easy to comprehend! Before I bought this, I struggled with trying out different mapping styles on different eye shapes , so I loved that a chart was included with info about mappings and which eye shapes and curls to use and avoid for them. I also loved that there were not only helpful notes for each lash map, but many of them had model lash pictures as well so that we could see what the lash set would actually look like and reference. This guide is very easy to read and has so much you can learn about no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced lash tech!

Leslie Lara
LOVED THE Styling E-Book !

This E-Book goes into details about all the fundamentals it comes to when lashing someone . Starting with curls, layers, styles and everything that is best to look for when styling someones eyelashes. There’s so many information and options ! I love how there’s variety and it’s not limited at all! It definitely helps you understand how everyone will be different and when it comes to lashing you do not have to limit yourself, get out of comfort zone!

Lena Rao
so worth it!

I purchased this mapping e-book because I love how Yanna styles her clients + I would LOVE to train with her in the future. This e-book is super detailed and organized. Very easy to read and comprehend. Usually with mappings, it can get confusing but it's clean and clear here. I also like that she added notes for each mapping! I already tried one mapping on my client and they loved the outcome so I'm excited to try more!


I’m so glad I bought this ebook from yanna! You can definately see she spent a lot of time working on this book, it is so detailed and all the information provided was easy to follow along. I’m so excited to use the mappings in this book for my future sets!!

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