Foundation Course

3 Day Introduction to Classic & volume

The Foundation Course is for you if you have no prior lashing experience and want to learn how to be a quality lash artist. This course was created to be an in-depth and intense, which is why we extended our course from two to three days. This will cover all the basics you need to know when beginning your lash career.

We go over the basics of lashing, lash anatomy, creating volume fans, in addition to styling and different lash maps. We focus a lot on theory, the most essential fanning technique, and perfecting it. The course comes with a lashing kit that's worth over $500+ to start your lash career off.
Included With The Course

Course Curriculum

The Basics
  • proper classic and volume lashing  
  • hybrid sets  
  • crystallizing  
  • maintaining natural lash health  
  • supplies needed and where to purchase  
  • isolation and placement  
  • how to lash with precision  
  • the main fanning technique used for volume  
  • troubleshooting retention  
  • achieving symmetry  
  • mapping and styling essentials   
  • 12+ mapping styles 
  • texturizing basics of achieving wispy sets  
  • understanding and manipulating lash layers  
  • analyzing eye shapes 
Business and Marketing
  • business and marketing tips: how to build your business 
  • staying organized 
  • gaining and retaining clientele 
  • how to be a quality lash artist 
  • succeeding in the lash industry 
  • photography tips

Premium Kit Worth $500+

  • realistic mannequin head 
  • detailed theory manual 
  • 2 volume tweezers 
  • 2 isolation tweezers 
  • 8 single length lash trays 
  • 2 mix length lash trays 
  • 2 classic trays 
  • lash mirror 
  • pro-made fan storage 
  • aloe cream remover 
  • under eye foam pads 
  • micro brushes 
  • spoolies 
  • lash cleansing brush 
  • adhesive wipes 
  • tweezer cleaner 
  • lash fan 
  • lash tape 
  • heart glue rings 
  • lash tile 
  • primer 
  • lash cleanser 
  • + more!

Additional Resources + Perks

  • practice on live model on the last day of training
  • worksheets 2 months access to our online academy
  • digital copy of consent form
  • Certificate of Completion
  • exclusive discounts on Elluxor Lash products (20% lifetime discount) 
  • lunch and drinks provided for all days 
  • 1 year mentoring from Elluxor Lash

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course?

The Foundation Course is a 3 day in person course which includes theory, hands-on practice, and a live model. Both days will take place from 10 am to 5 pm.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling?

There are no prerequisites or prior certifications needed to enroll in this course. 

How much is the tuition?

The total tuition for the Foundation Course is $2,300, with a required nonrefundable deposit of $500 to secure your seat. The remaining balance of $1800 would be due at the beginning of the first day of class.

Where will the course take place?

All courses take place in person at Elluxor Lash in San Jose, California.

Elluxor Lash
2670 S White Rd
Ste 119
San Jose, CA 95148
Is this a private course?
All advertised training dates are a small semi-private class of up to 3 students. 

Private 1:1 trainings are available upon request. A 3 day private 1:1 costs $3,000 with a required $500 nonrefundable deposit. The remaining balance of $2,500 will be due on the first day of class.

For more information, please contact us at