The Foundation Course (3 Day Group Course)

Payment Option:



Day 1: 10am-5pm

Day 2: 10am-5pm

Day 3: 10am-5pm



This course takes place in San Jose, California. Each class has a max of 3 students.



The Foundation Course is for you if you have no prior lashing experience and want to learn how to be a quality lash artist. This course was created to be an in-depth and intense, which is why we extended our course from two to three days. This will cover all the basics you need to know when beginning your lash career. We go over the basics of lashing, lash anatomy, creating volume fans, in addition to styling and different lash maps. We focus a lot on theory, the most essential fanning technique, and perfecting it. The course comes with a lashing kit that's worth over $500+ to start your lash career off.

At the end of the course, you'll have 2 months of access to our Online Academy with tutorials, tips, and downloads with a digital copy of a consent form and COVID consent form that you can use for your own clients! You'll also have a lifetime discount of 20% off all Elluxor Lash products.



No prior lashing experience is required. You are responsible for conducting proper research regarding the licensing requirements in your state. 

Course Tuition

Full Course Tuition: $2300
Deposit Required: $500


A nonrefundable $500 deposit (can be paid using Afterpay) is required at the time of booking to reserve your seat. The remaining balance will be due at the beginning of the first day of class.

Included With The Course

Each Foundation Course comes with a kit valued at $400+ which includes the following:


  • realistic mannequin head
  • detailed theory manual
  • 2 volume tweezers
  • 2 isolation tweezers
  • 8 single length lash trays
  • 2 mix length lash trays
  • 2 classic trays
  • lash mirror
  • pro-made fan storage
  • aloe cream remover
  • under eye foam pads
  • micro brushes
  • spoolies
  • lash cleansing brush
  • adhesive wipes
  • tweezer cleaner
  • lash fan
  • lash tape
  • heart glue rings
  • lash tile
  • primer
  • lash cleanser
  • + more!



Additional Resources and Perks


  • practice on live model on the last day of training
  • worksheets
  • 2 months access to our online academy with additional tips, tricks, and videos
    • digital copy of consent form
    • COVID Consent Form
  • Certificate of Completion
  • exclusive discounts on Elluxor Lash products
  • lunch and drinks provided for all days
  • 1 month mentoring from Elluxor Lash

Course Curriculum

The Basics


  • proper classic and volume lashing
  • hybrid sets
  • crystallizing
  • maintaining natural lash health
  • supplies needed and where to purchase
  • isolation and placement
  • how to lash with precision
  • the main fanning technique used for volume
  • troubleshooting retention
  • achieving symmetry



Mapping and Styling


  • 12+ mapping styles
  • texturizing
  • basics of achieving wispy sets
  • understanding and manipulating lash layers
  • analyzing eye shapes



Business and Marketing


  • essential business and marketing tips: how to build your business
  • staying organized
  • gaining and retaining clientele
  • how to be a quality lash artist
  • succeeding in the lash industry
  • photography tips


+ so much more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best and easiest decision I've made taking Yanna's Foundation Course!

Yanna's expertise in the lashing industry is truly impressive. She possesses remarkable talent, patience, and a profound knowledge of the field. Her passion and dedication shine through every aspect of her course. On the day we worked with live models, I initially felt quite nervous and uncertain about the outcome. However, thanks to Yanna's guidance and helpful tips on isolation and direction, I gained confidence and smoothly completed the second eye. Yanna established an environment that was not only welcoming and comfortable but also perfectly suited for beginners like me, who had little prior knowledge of lashing. And yet in those three days, I learned a great deal. Even after the course ended, Yanna continued to provide unwavering support to her students. I'm extremely thankful and appreciative to have had Yanna as my lash educator.

Cindy Lam
Loved this foundation course!

I came into class so nervous to learn a new skill, but Yanna made me feel at ease and comfortable straight away! Lashing is definitely tough, but Yanna helped me correct all my positioning and techniques and by the third day I felt confident enough to lash my first model. I really loved our model day because I was able to apply everything I learned in class on a live person! Yanna was there to help guide and observe me, but she also gives you plenty of space to work on your model all by yourself so that you can fully grasp what it’s like to lash on a real client. I left class on our last day feeling confident and so excited for what’s in store for my lashing journey :) Thank you Yanna for such a fun and meaningful 3 days!

So good!!

I went into the class very scared, not knowing what to expect, but my fears quickly went away within the first few minutes of meeting Yanna. Not only is she sweet and kind hearted, but it becomes very clear within the first few minutes how organized and informative the program is. Though challenging at first, students are provided all tools necessary and more to become a successful beginner lash artist! I would definitely recommend this program to any person looking to start their lashing career!! :)

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